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The Construction Industry is Perceived to be Fraught with Shady Characters and Less than Focused Craftsman

We hear the horror stories too!  Like many other professions, a few bottom feeders create a lot of noise and taint the majority.  Being actively engaged in many of our industry associations, I can claim unequivocally that the vast majority in construction want to, and do, right by their clients.  At Northwest Homecrafters, we strive to deliver on our 4-Point Customer Satisfaction Promise.  Apart from our standard of quality building for durability, we also manage our building processes to be an enjoyable client experience. Since every project is unique, we work diligently to eliminate problems during pre-construction and on the jobsite: first by creating a positive working environment, and second by approaching every project from the perspective that something will be learned from it which can be improved upon. 


What makes us stand out?
Maybe this question should be why do we end up becoming friends with so many of our clients?  We like to believe it’s our personality, but without quality work to back that up, no client would return or refer us to their friends. Ours consistently do, and we’re extremely proud of that. Here are a few reasons why:

1.    We are professionals.
We handle the details, large and small, so that intrusion on your daily life is kept to a minimum. We use protective floor coverings and dust barriers; we depressurize each work space; we perform daily worksite cleanups; and we’re eager to work with you on any specialized needs.

2.    We keep the lines of communication open.
Scheduled weekly progress meetings along with an on-site project communications log make sure your questions and requests are answered promptly.

3.    We are finicky about sub-contractors.
We’ve formed strong relationships with many professionals spanning many trades.  It’s important to be able to depend on reliable trade contractors, and the rapport we have with our partners pays off time and again by bringing our work in on schedule, on budget, and by professionally addressing questions and issues that may arise while planning and during construction.

4.    We create comprehensive Proposals.
Not to mention honest billing. We know it’s a big decision to remodel.  We want to make sure you know what you’re buying and at what price.  Our company policy is to work with a fixed price construction agreement.  We are such strong believers in fixed price there is room for only 3 allowance items in our construction agreements.    For us to feel confident in offering a fixed price, a lot of research time is required before we present a construction contract.

Don’t take our word for it.  We’d be happy to provide you with a list of past clients you can contact for references. Then, call when you’re ready to talk about your project. Maybe you’re ready to start immediately-maybe you’d like some ideas about what’s possible. In either case, contact us today…we want to hear from you.