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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

- Henry Ford

 With the low standards and practices associated with residential contracting, we have developed and implemented numerous programs within our company to rise above.  They include a Standards and Procedures Policy, an eight point Company Ettiquette policy, an Employee Manual we update yearly, specific Job Descriptions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) associated with each position.  We aimn to always act professionally, strive for excellence and provide each customer with that ‘extra-mile’ service we believe they deserve. 

Wayne Apostolik  – Owner

Wayne has spent the majority of his working life in the field of construction and believes strongly in the importance of open-communication and continuing education. His eye for detail is rarely off, and his depth of experience in every phase of construction makes him an outstanding resource for our customers. In addition, Wayne enjoys the challenges and complexities of custom remodeling and his commitment to producing the highest possible quality is at the heart of his success.

Wayne is especially appreciative of his employees and is grateful for their consistent efforts in fulfilling his vision and sustaining the reputation of the company over the years. Wayne is an active participant in the Master Builders Association where he annually participates in the Rampathon and embraces both peer-to-peer education and fellowship. He is also an active contributor to the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association. Wayne enjoys seeing the world including spending 6 ½ years abroad in such countries as Sudan, Turkey and Isreal.

At home, Wayne enjoys many outdoor activities, especially backpacking and bicycling anywhere in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. To learn more about Wayne and the Northwest Homecrafters story, click here.

Jana Vacek– Office Manager

John Enga

“I have been working in the construction field over 22 years; as a carpenter and as a project manager.  My favorite areas are: furniture quality carpentry in detail specific tasks like stairs, cabinetry, moldings, trim… and a life-long interest in renewable energy technology.

Recently my interests have shifted towards sustainability in building and energy efficiency.  I believe that as a society we must be more responsible for our resource usage.  I see this shift in consciousness and know that I have a great deal to offer on how we interface with our environment.  I love the challenge of remodeling and home performance retrofitting, although it can be difficult work at times, when I finish a job I leave our clients with a piece of myself that they will continue to enjoy long after.

When not working I enjoy playing music with my band, hiking and climbing in the mountains with my wife and dogs, donating my time to projects like; Rampathon and the JRMD/YRWD which is involved in building homes, schools and an orphanage in Burundi Africa, and creating a wonderful home for my first child to come home to.”

Peter Monks – Carpenter

Peter is a problem solver in every sense of the word. He loves troubleshooting, problem solving, and making sure the job gets done to the complete satisfaction of not just his clients, but himself as well.  Northwest Homecrafters encourages his heightened degree of personal responsibility as well as his refined carpentry skills to make sure each client is truly satisfied that their decision to trust in Northwest Homecrafters was the right one.

Peter enjoys working with his hands and watching a project come to life before his very eyes. It’s this element of construction that keeps him coming back for more. Peter has been an avid snowboarder for over 21 years and has owned the Alpental backcountry since time began.

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