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Terminology and Definitions Used By Northwest Homecrafters

A monetary value designated to an item listed as part of project which has yet to be chosen.

Professional designations used to define the person designing and drawing remodel/construction plans.

As-built Plan
Architectural prints used to describe the existing floor plan and exterior/interior elevations of the building.

Amount of money allocated to invest in a construct project.

Building Permit
Official document issued by a city or county building department allowing construction and/or modifications to a building.

Change Order
Documentation process used by Northwest Homecrafters, Inc. to identify and price additional costs to the final construction budget due to unforeseen circumstances or modifications requested by a homeowner.

Completion Checklist
Final items to address or complete prior to client taking possession of the completed project.

Concept Design
These are scaled floor plans, derived from the Priorities List, meetings with the designer and contractor, and code parameters.  This is where all development parameters flow into what will become an efficient and pleasing design.  It will take a few meetings and one or two design iterations.  A construction cost estimate is generated in this phase.

Construction Agreement
A document accepted and approved by homeowner and contractor which specifies all documents used to build, such as all final specifications, product selections, construction and payment schedules, general conditions and warranty.

Construction Documents Binder
A binder containing construction, warranty, instructions, and mechanical documents as well as project photographs compiled by Northwest Homecrafters during the course of construction, and presented to the homeowner upon completion of the project.

An economical method of furnishing a comprehensive design-to-completion service for homeowners seeking to remodel an existing home.

Design And Budget Agreement
A contractual agreement between Northwest Homecrafters  and a homeowner to provide an economical method of furnishing a quality design service for homeowners seeking to remodel an existing residence. 

Final Completion Report
Report filled out by the homeowner agreeing a project is complete.  Final payment is made upon completion of any unfinished items noted in this report.  Final payment is the full contract amount less the installed value of any back-ordered materials.  Final payment is not withheld for back-ordered materials.  Any items discovered after this sign-off may be covered by our 1-year warranty as outlined in the Warranty (see below).

Floor Plan
Often referred to as a Plan View, refers to a 2-dimensional drawing outlining specific areas, e.g. a master bedroom, kitchen, or an entire floor.

A system developed to facilitate a clear, structured process by which a homeowner and Northwest Homecrafters conceive, plan, organize and construct a remodel project.

Pre-Construction Meeting
A client meeting with Northwest Homecrafters Production Team to review project scope, processes and to address concerns or questions prior to start of production.

Preliminary Budget
Initial budget used to begin the Design-Build process.  Since a design is not fully determined and product selections not completed, the budget at this time is fairly flexible.

Production Date
Date set when construction will begin.

Product Selections Checklists
Checklists created by Northwest Homecrafters to assist homeowners in selecting the type, quality, and quantity of materials to be used in a remodel.  The choice of products decided upon, i.e. plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring materials, etc. will affect the budget.  Checklists are used for the following areas:
• Kitchen
• Bathroom (s)
• Rooms (bedrooms, living room, family room, dining room)
• Hardwood Flooring
• General Interior Areas (hallways, stairways)
• General Exterior Areas
• Item Retainage
• Tile & Stone choices

Production Team
A Project Manager along with field technicians from Northwest Homecrafters who will work on a project.

Project Evaluation
Survey conducted after a project is completed informing Northwest Homecrafters if they have met all expectations, and if not, what improvements could be made.

Project Manager
A representative of Northwest Homecrafters  designated to manage all aspects of production during a project.

Project Schedule
Timeline graph outlining anticipated construction schedule.

Project Specifications
Items and notes contained in the Construction Agreement necessary for the production team, subcontractors, and suppliers to successfully construct a project.

Project Questionnaire
Questionnaire created by Northwest Homecrafters used to identify any specific needs or concerns a homeowner may have with the construction process prior to the estimating process.

Scope Of Work
A document providing a general description of the remodel/construction.

Site Mobilization
Loading all necessary tools, equipment and supplies on site prior to the start of building.

Six-Month and One-year follow-up
Phone contact from Northwest Homecrafters  six months and one year after project completion to insure all construction in the project is functioning and in good condition.

Company or companies hired by Northwest Homecrafters who specialize in the various building trades required to construct a project.

Value Engineering
Exploring creative methods to accomplish a particular scope of work at a reduced cost.  This generally means trades-offs between scope of work and quality of materials used.

Company or companies supplying construction materials for a project.

Documents outlining a limited one-year warranty and the conditions of that warranty.

Washington State Sales Taxes
Within Seattle and a large part of King County, a tax is applied to the total construction price which includes  all labor, materials and subcontractors covered in the Construction Agreement.

Working Drawings
Final construction drawings and other required documentation submitted to a local building department required for a defined scope of work.

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