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We Apply Building Science to Evaluate Your Home’s Energy Performance

Home performance contractors or home energy auditors generally fall into three categories:

1) auditor contractors who do the initial audit as well as subsequent repairs and improvements;
2) auditors who perform the audit and bring in trade contractors to do the work;
3) auditors who do the audit and give you recommendations on what needs improving; you then do the work yourself or hire others.

Northwest Homecrafters mostly falls under category #1, but do use specialized trade contractors when needed.  After scheduling an appointment with us, a trained Energy Auditor will come to your home at an agreed upon time.  During this visit they will discuss current problems in the home, kinds of audit levels available and what makes most sense for your home.  Other considerations will include additional homeowner needs and desires and extent of savings pursued, as well as a retrofiting budget.

A comprehensive auditor will use specialized equipment and processes such as:

•Blower Door
•Smoke Pencil
•Infrared Camera
•Duct Blaster
•CAZ test to measure if carbon monoxide and fire hazard are a risk for your heating systems
•Appliance Kilowatts reader
•Review of your past year’s energy bills 

Within a week of the audit, a homeowner will receive a report of the test and a list of recommendations to reduce energy consumption such as:

•Air sealing and insulating with: caulk, spray foam,  fiberglass batting, cellulose insulation
•Weather stripping doors and windows
•Recommending whether the furnace and or waterheater should be tuned up or replaced
•Seal heat ducting located outside conditioned areas
•Install controlled exhaust fans and/or fresh air ventilators
•Education in general building science and occupantuse to save energy
•Range of costs involved in making the above modifications

Additional Benefits

 …to your comfort

Are you tired of putting on a sweater in the wintertime to feel comfortable?  Is the heat in your home inconsistent from room to room?  Our technicians are trained to tighten up your home, reducing you air leakage and infiltration giving you  more control over your comfort.  They will also provide expertise that can make your home quieter as well as more comfortable.

…to your health

Is something in your house is making you sick?  Do you know what might be effecting your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? A home performance contractor will help you figure out what it is and how to remove it.

…to your wallet

A home performance contractor can help you save money on utility bills as well as lower your home’s maintenance costs and increase its value.

…to our Earth

A higher-performing home will be more energy-efficient, reducing your climate-changing greenhouse gase emissions.

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