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If you’re considering a more sustainable lifestyle, we can assist you with a thorough evaluation and cost-benefit analysis of modifications to your home.

High Performance Homes NW provides a detailed performance evaluation of energy systems in your home.  The goal of an audit is to show you how to lower your energy usage through choices ranging from relatively simple modifications to more ambitious improvements.

Whether you’re exploring retrofiting an existing home, or considering upgrades during a remodel, you’ll realize a cost savings, improved indoor air quality and comfort for you and your family.

Our Home Energy Audit includes the following:

•Review of your energy bills to look for cost savings
•Blower door testing to determine the amount and locations of air leakage in your home
•Infra-red camera testing to locate air leakage and insufficient insulation
•Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing for carbon monoxide and fire hazards
•Duct Blaster testing to determine the amount of conditioned-air leakage in your duct system
•Furnace and water heater testing to determine the efficiency of your gas or oil furnace and gas water heater
•Upon completion you’ll have a detailed plan that maps a range of recommended changes and possible cost savings.

These diagnostic tests work in conjunction with all your remodeling projects.  Consider scheduling all or some of these tests as part of your pre-construction planning process.

Are you considering Solar? 

Efficiency upgrads should be done to a home prior to sizing and installation of solar water and electrical systems.  By making your home as energy efficient as possible, system loads and sizing will be smaller.  This means your financial investment in solar powered systems will be less expensive making it possible to realize your return on investment sooner.


Our auditing division has compiled a list of sites we think will add to your understanding of the energy auditing processes and products available to upgrade your home.

Home Performance Washington is an association of Washington State businesses offering whole house energy efficiency solutions

Building Performance Institute (BPI) offers nationally-recognized training, certification, accreditation and quality-assurance programs.

Residential Energy Services Network  (RESNET) offers nationally-recognized training, certification, accreditation and quality-assurance programs.

Efficiency First is a nonprofit trade association that unites Home Performance contractors, residential energy consultants, building product manufacturers.

•The Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes program is designed to help builders construct energy efficient homes in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. 

•The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild is an association of builders, designers, homeowners, tradespeople, manufacturers, suppliers and others interested in ecologically sustainable building 

Building Science Corporation is a company that provides building science education from real world experiences and testing.  They have an amazing library dedicated to understanding how buildings function 

Passive House Institute US recognized as a standard to designing and constructing  the most efficient buildings in the world  

Passive House Northwest is the pacific northwest regional organization dedicated to promoting, designing and constructing to the Passive House standard

Battic Door Home Energy Conservation is a company specializing in home energy retrofitting products

GE Lighting energy efficient lighting solutions

Philips lighting new innovations and news in LED technology.  

Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) on Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV)

Tool Base Services for additional on HRVs

 To learn more about Energy Auditing, schedule an In-Home Consultation today.