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Our Goal is Providing You with the Best Remodeling Experience Possible

Northwest Homecrafters is a licensed General Contracting company that offers a full range of remodeling construction services.     Our services are specifically designed to cater to your particular construction, remodel or restoration requirements.  Because every project is unique, our craftsmen are versatile, flexible, and able to customize their talents to meet the requirements of each project, all with client satisfaction in mind.  Our services include:

  • Design-Build Expertise
  • Kitchens, Baths and Room Remodels
  • Additions, Second Floors, and Basement Conversions
  • Exterior Renovations including Decks and Porches
  • Full Service Home Energy Auditing and Retrofitting
  • Comprehensive Environmental Awareness
    • Universal Design/Aging In Place

Design-Build is a process of taking a dream from initial design through finished construction.  Working with the coordinated expertise of an architect/designer and remodeling contractor, a homeowner controls their construction budget by decisions made about design and materials specifications.  Working with a team that considers budget, scope and quality each step of the way, Design-Build will save time and money; increase efficiency by eliminating duplication of service, and offer superior communication and accountability.  See our brochure, Remodeling by Design Build.  

When design services are needed, they are provided through a Professional Services Agreement called a Design and Specifications Agreement, a contract independent of our construction contract.  Since every project is unique, the scope of work for these services are clearly defined and charged at an hourly rate with a time limit, or as fixed fee.  

Our estimating process is slightly different.  We use another Professional Services Agreement, but one specific for non-design estimating.   Early in the sales process, Northwest Homecrafters suggests a ballpark price range to a client based upon available information.  When chosen to develop a project further, our Specifications and Budgeting Agreement is used.  This agreement requires a down payment to perform the services explained below.  Upon completion of this process, a construction contract is presented, and if signed, the down payment is applied to the cost of construction.  If no construction contract is signed, the down payment is compensation for time spent estimating the project.

Having been continuously in construction for over 23 years, lots of practical knowledge is available to draw upon during planning and construction.  Our extensive Project Portfolio is ample evidence of what Northwest Homecrafters brings to the table when looking for reliability and assurance of having made the right decision during the contractor selection process.

Our construction services are nearly always fixed fee. This means all decisions, research and homework is complete before any construction begins.  It also means our estimating process is thorough.  We research current pricing of all materials to be incorporated into a project and all relevant Trade contractors visit each home and provide a firm price for their services.  Depending upon the complexity of a project, we may hold an on-site coordination meeting with all our Trade contractors for up-front planning.  This provides for realistic scheduling and avoidance of problems that could arise amongst those working on top of each other.  

This attention to pre-construction detail leads to peace of mind.  Planning is thorough and a construction timeline is created along with a fixed cost to construct.  Decisions will still need to be made, but the heavy lifting is over.  The price is the price unless an unforeseen condition or act of God arises.  There is always the option of requesting a Change Order, but that is an option.  Our construction contract accommodates only a few allowances, leaving financial surprises a thing of the past.  Our systems were created with our clients in mind but we found these very same systems have benefited Northwest Homecrafters immensely.  This is synergy.

Environmental awareness and sustainable construction has always been a passion and is brought to the table during planning and construction.  Until recently, there had not been much interest in it.  Training in home energy use and retrofitting over the past 4 years has placed our business in the top tier of green construction companies.  We offer free home energy audits to every client, encourage use of sustainable materials and construction methods, and have practiced job site recycling since the early–to-mid 90s.  A service we regularly perform is taking all salvaged and reusable building materials to private recycling centers to donate in our client’s names.  A client is then sent a Building Material Donation Receipt from Habitat for Humanity, which can be used at year end for tax purposes.  When an item is sold, partial proceeds are given to Habitat, Seattle.   

We enjoy nothing more than working with clients who want to push the sustainable building envelope.  We are in close relationships with companies that offer passive house design, solar water heating and photo voltaics, and rain water harvesting.  We are now exploring grey water systems and want to be able to offer that service as soon as the Dept. of Health gives the green light.  When you want to construct ‘Green’, we’re ready.

Universal Design is the design of products and spaces to make them usable by all people to the greatest extent possible.  Universal Design targets the entire population.  Northwest Homecrafters has a CAPS certified employee.  CAPS is an acronym for Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, is a reliable way to identify professionals that are qualified to create barrier-free modifications that will keep your home comfortable as you age.  Many physical disabilities, even temporary ones such as repetitive stress, or broken bones may require modifications to a home.  See our brochure, Safety and Comfort by Design.

To learn more about Northwest Homecrafters Design-Build remodeling services, schedule an In-Home Consultation today.