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5-Step Project Accountability and Management System (PAMS)



We have designed a project management system (PAMS) that will help you achieve your project goals.  While reading the process below, you should encounter terminology you do not understand, go to our Key Terms page, where you should find an explaination for most any term you are unfamiliar with.  All terms are listed alphabetically.  Our processes and tools are created, refined and implemented for one purpose.  To make your remodeling experience as enjoyable a journey as possible.

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 PAMS or Five steps to predictable results

STEP I: The Feasibility Meeting

  • Discuss and answer questions about our standardized construction processes and procedures
  • View samples of contracts such as Letter of Intent to Contract, Specifications & Budgeting Agreement, Design & Specifications Agreement, and Fixed Price Construction Agreement and explain function of each
  • Review remodel goals
  • Make brief evaluation of existing conditions
  • Address project budget, scope, and specifications
  • Show company photographs, with emphasis on relevant projects
  • Discuss costs and timelines for estimating and/or design services
  • If design services are required, arrange for interview with designer/architect

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STEP II: Consists of two alternative scenarios, A OR B

A. Specifications and Budgeting
We use the following procedure when only specifications and a construction budget are needed.

  • Homeowner signs either Letter of Intent to Contract, or Specifications & Budgeting Agreement.  Make down payment
  • Site visit and consultation: Visit project site and consult with owner to discuss objectives and costs.
  • Field-measurements: Visit project site to take photographs, measurements, and notes.
  • Sub-contractor visits: Visits from trade specialists for advice, and to define costs.
  • Develop Project specifications: Define allowances, specifications and alternatives.
  • Revisions: Consult with owner about revisions to project and submit for review.  Northwest Homecrafters will perform up to four revisions within the scope of this Agreement.
  • Architect/designer communication: Communications or visits to clarify questions pertaining to existing drawings and specifications
  • Assist to create a lighting/electrical plan by room

B. Design and Project Specifications
We use the following procedure when design services and construction budget are needed.

  • Homeowner signs Design & Specifications Agreement.  Make down payment
  • All parties define and document objectives and scope of work
  • Confirm zoning, setbacks, calculate impervious coverage, and arrange site survey as needed
  • Measure existing floor plan or utilize any existing construction drawings to create as-built floor plans
  • Prepare specifications using the selections checklists
  • Meet with all trades contractors necessary for construction
  • Develop remodel plan with client:
    o    Prepare initial concept design with preliminary budget
    o    Revise concept design and budget as needed
  • Make final revisions to construction drawings and prepare working construction budget

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STEP III: The Final Agreement

  • Submit constructions drawings and all relevant documents to secure building permit
  • Present Fixed Price Construction Agreement, construction schedule, final specifications list, budget, and construction date, for approval and signature (s).  Collect down payment to begin construction
  • Pre-construction meeting held with homeowner to review all construction processes, including change orders
  • Notify subcontractors and suppliers of construction timeline, then set construction begins date

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STEP IV: We Begin Construction

  • Project is transferred to your Project Manager and project files prepared
  • Pick up approved building permit when necessary
  • Mobilize construction crew and tools, and begin loading project site
  • Complete Existing Conditions Report to document areas to be affected during construction
  • Photograph and/or video interior and exterior of project site
  • Begin weekly client meetings and use the Project Communications Log daily
  • Construction Evaluation form presented to homeowner at end of second week, when relevant
  • Two weeks prior to ending construction, homeowner is give a Project Completion Punch List and requested to return to Project Manager within 48 hours

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STEP V: Post Construction Wrap-up

  • Punch List reviewed and completed
  • Final inspections for trades and building permits
  • Completion Report signed by homeowner.  Final contract payment
  • Present Construction Documents Binder if relevant to project
  • Project Evaluation survey completed by homeowner
  • Six-month warranty follow-up
  • Eleven month warranty follow-up

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