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Transform Your Current Home into the Home of Your Dreams

Transform Your Current Home into the Home of Your Dreams

Design-Build is a “one-stop” approach to remodeling that has revolutionized residential home remodeling in many important ways. While the approach is not new, Design-Build remodeling has become very popular because it eliminates many of the problems, frustrations and set-backs associated with the traditional approach.

By offering the services of architects and designers, it is our job to ask questions, listen, and suggest solutions. Our client’s job is to articulate their needs, preferences and desires. Design combines style, personal expression, technology, aesthetics, functionality and the satisfaction of personal needs. It requires trust that a good solution will emerge from this collaboration. We enter into collaboration that requires honesty, forthrightness, and the fulfillment of expectations. It can require bluntness as well as kindness. Everything is on the table. If we mess up, we say we messed up and work to find the solution. But it also requires our clients to be equally forthright by expressing their opinions and doing their homework. As a pattern of honesty emerges, we become allies and develop can-do synergy.

Chemistry is an equally important component.  Like any friendship, there are clients with whom we fit and those with whom we don’t. We’re not for everyone, and everyone is not for us. Our favorite clients are people who are thoughtful, positive, good at what they do, and looking for a remodeler of similar character. They’re fully aware that they hired us because we are good at what we do, and that they could no better do our job as we could do theirs.

By combining the services and expertise of the remodeling contractor, with an architect and/or designer into one unified service, you create a cohesive team. This results in a much more effective remodeling process from beginning to end with fewer changes during construction and a much higher level of client satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using a Design-Build process for the consumer?

  • A Design-Build remodeler will make sure your design and your budget are in sync with each other.
  • The client saves time with one-stop shopping.  The Design-Build remodeler handles all aspects of the project from initial conception through the permit process and on to final details of the construction itself.
  • The client saves money, eliminating fees to re-design if the original design is over budget.  They save money by obtaining valuable cost saving advice during the design and planning process.
  • The client gets a higher quality product.  Trade contractors and material suppliers are consulted and their input and advice is used in designing mechanical systems, installation details, energy-saving devices, etc.
  • Because the contractor, designer, homeowner, and interior decorator work together as a team, they create a synergy that produces results far better than those obtained by each working in isolation.

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