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This is a remodeling resource

This site was created with homeowners as the beneficiary.  We decided instead of seeing this just as a web site, it would be a web resource.  Changing terminology by one word, it changed our approach to creating this tool.
Our client’s knowledge about home remodeling ranges from very little to having a pretty thorough understanding of all the elements involved.  We created this site to assist everyone at any level.  If you know very little about home remodeling, we want this to be a primary source of information.  Our goal is to load this site with as much information about remodeling as is practical.  Your task is to sift through as much of this information as you want in order to have an informed conversation about your remodeling project with any contractor you communicate with.
If you have already experienced a remodeling project, by-pass whatever may be redundant and head straight to areas that interest you most.  We have placed a number of links to other web sites that have additional information about products you might wish to research or ideas to more fully explore.
Our photo gallery of completed work was put together with the intent of telling a brief story about each project.  Some of our projects have very few photos, but with the advent of the digital camera and a more robust documentation policy, our more recent projects have more to show.  We are also posting 2 minute videos of many of our project and well as general information clips.  The video library will increase over time.
We have also included a gallery in our Current Studies tab where we will display the progress of our current remodels.  A current or very recent project is what qualifies for inclusion in the gallery.
Our Blog is also a resource of information.  One is written each week and will cover such topics as book reviews concerning building science, current building technologies, the business of remodeling, and current victories and problems in the industry as we experience them.  We’ll be uploading photos and video links when they help in telling our stories.
We’re excited about this tool and we sincerely hope it provides all the information you are looking for, and more.  It will be an evolving resource, and we look forward to keeping you up to date with relevant information about remodeling, available products, current techniques and ideas, and information about how Northwest Homecrafters is evolving and growing.